Nevispages salutes NHLDC General Manager as one of Nevispages’ “Persons of the Year 2010 “

Nevispages is pleased to salute Mr. Eustace Delroy ‘Smarty’ Nisbett Jr as one of Nevispages’ ‘Persons of the Year 2010’. Mr. Nisbett, General Manager of the Nevis Housing and Land Development Corporation assumed that role in October 2006. His tenure at the Corporation can be termed an overwhelming success since under his watch over 280 homes and plots of affordable lands have been made available to Nevisians since then.

His visionary skills has changed the housing landscape of Nevis and enabled many young Nevisians to achieve the life dream of becoming land and property owners in short, securing their piece of the ‘rock’.

In 2007 and under the direction of the Board of Directors of the NHLDC, Mr. Nisbett assisted in molding and subsequently implemented the Nevis Reformation Party’s (NRP) ‘First Time Land Owner Policy’ whereby Nevisians were offered land at a rate of $1.00xcd per square foot less than the standard rate. The implementation of this policy was well received by all prospective land holders and justified an influx of applications into his Corporation. This policy was so well received that most of the financial institutions in the Federation implemented a ‘First Time Land Owner Loan’ campaign.

His involvement in another program, ‘The Civil Service Mortgage Scheme’ has facilitated in excess of seventy (70) Civil Servants and non-established workers to secure opportunities to purchase, and/or build a new home, extend an existing structure or undertake repairs. It is important to note that this program has been very beneficial to the Civil Servants as these loans are easier to secure those through the conventional process.

His housing thrust has been undeniable the most significant contribution to the economy over the past two (2) years with houses being constructed in each of the five (5) parishes in Nevis. Developments were commenced or completed in Claremont Housing, Sea Island Housing, Golden Grove, Grace Housing Development, Harbor View, Shaws Road Housing, Sugar Mill Housing and the world renowned Cherry Garden.

Mr. Nisbett and his staff has been very proactive in procuring lands for future development and have purchased an additional forty plus (40+) acres of land. Developments that are been planned for 2011 onwards include an eighteen (18) acre development called Heritage Estates in Gingerland, an eleven (11) acre development at Garniers Estate, St. James, Cotton Ground Paradise Cove Housing Development and Jessups Housing Development. He noted that there will be an additional eighty six (86) homes to be completed in developments that have started but will be completed pass 2010.

Nevispages congratulates Mr. Eustace ‘Smarty’ Nisbett as one of Nevispages’ ‘Person of the Year 2010’.