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AN ORDINANCE to establish a Nevis Land Development Corporation, to provide for the systematic development and alienation of such land by the Corporation in respect of Agriculture, Industry, and Tourism, and to set up a fund for development in the Island of Nevis and for matters connected thereto.

The Nevis Housing and Land Development Corporation is a Statutory Body established by Law in 1984. We are guided by our Mission, which is: To provide service of the highest quality in the development, alienation and sale of lands and to construct affordable houses, which are structurally sound and economical.

The Corporation is one of the most prolific Government institutions, playing a critical role in ensuring that the citizens of Nevis own a piece of the rock.  We are proud of making such a positive impact on the lives of Nevisians and the Economy of Nevis as a whole.  Currently, we are selling residential lots in Eden Brown Estate (Eden Central – Phase 2), New River Estate (Blue Waters) and Fothergills Estate (Emerald View).

Imagine owing your own land on which you can build a house to suit your taste, or purchasing a house on a plot of land, which is quite affordable.  Congratulations you have made the best choice and you have come to the right place, visit The Nevis Housing and Land Development Corporation at Belle Vue, at Bath Plains for the best deals in land and affordable houses. Make your dream a reality!